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  Also for your functional plumbing needs in Toronto and surrounding areas, we provide the service of toilet.sized sinks.
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Toronto Bathtub Refinishing

Tiles & Tubs Reglazing Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA


Reglazing your tub is the wise and cost effective means of renewing your bathroom.
If you research the price of a new bathtub you may feel that it may not be very expensive to replace your old one, however you will find a great deal more of a price tag for the demolition of your bathtub area and the installation of a new tub.
If you do the research you will find that it will cost you thousands of dollars to perform the task of replacing your old bathtub. You will need to hire at least two contractors (a plumber and a tile setter) to complete the task of bathtub replacement.

When we reglaze your bathtub and/or tiles we fill any scratches, dents, divets or "poc" marks before we apply our materials so the result is that your tubs looks like new. WE DO NOT SIMPLY PAINT OVER THE PROBLEM! You may also be considering a drop in tub liner that you are not likely to be happy with. Sure they finish quickly in one day but you may find that the result looks kind of cheap. Also large air pockets are usually left in between your old tub and the drop in tub and tiles creating horrible acoustics and a cheap appearance.

Our price of tub reglazing starts from usually the $300 range as opposed to $3000 of replacing. Reglazing is 10% the price of replacing! And your tub will look like it's new!
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