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Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane System

Aliphatic acrylic urethane is a durable, specialized and custom designed coating which has been developed to meet constantly changing refinishing industry needs.

As the Aliphatic acrylic urethane system is curing pigment settles to the bottom of the film, and a clear resin rich layer forms on top. What is seen as a deep, rich gloss is actually a buffer layer. This glossy buffering layer actually provides a long term protection finish for the applied resin and the surface that it covers.

This product has a 24 hour dry with a 2:1 acrylic urethane to catalyst topcoat system. It is formulated from a scientific chemical cure process which yields overnight water cure properties. It has much higher resin solids than other bathtub refinishing systems. This is made possible by a hybrid metals accelerator technology which eliminates many of the negative side affects of older liquid accelerators and is safe to use in residential settings and around pets.

Acrylic urethane coating is a superior refinishing and reglazing system and is to be used wherever exposure to a wide variety of elements are anticipated and whenever marring or scratching is a problem or continued endurance must be expected over an extended period of time. The appearance, exceptional adhesion, low curing time and temperature resistance of this system is suitable not only to metal and concrete surfaces but to newer structural materials such as polyester fiberglass, structural foams, porcelain, steel, cast iron, ceramic tile, nylon and many plastics.

Aliphatic acrylic urethane is a far superior system than EP-ACRYLIC and EPOXIES for bathroom resurfacing and refinishing. It is the leading longest lasting coating system in the Kitchen and Bathroom refinishing industry today. Urethane is easily a longer lasting product if you are considering having surface refinishing and reglazing services.

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