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  Professional Bathtub
  Also for your functional plumbing needs in Toronto and surrounding areas, we provide the service of toilet.sized sinks.
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Why is a different company doing it for alot cheaper?
In this type of business the average price for a bathtub refinish is anywhere from $325-$375 anyone doing it for less is guaranteed to be cutting corners and using less paint material which will decrese the life span of the refinished fixture(s)keep in mind "you get what you payed for"!
How long does it take to refinish a tub?
Depending on the condition of the tub it can take as little as 2-3hrs max. If you included the wall tiles to be refinished with the tub it will take approx. 4-6hrs.
When will you be able to use the tub again?
After the job has been completed you must wait 12 - 24hrs for the tub to be ready for use.
Is there an odor to refinishing?
The top coatings we use contain solvents which are necessary to make the finish hard and durable. We use a high end ventilation system to exhaust air from the work area outside minimizing the fresh paint like odor 75% to 90% of the smell will be exhausted and substantially gone within hours.
How does refinishing compare to bathtub liners?
Liners are at least twice as expensive and can take up to 3 to 4 weeks from ordering to installation for a bathtub liner your looking at spending $900.00 minimum.
Do refinished tubs looked painted?
Definitely not! In fact most people will have a difficult time telling any difference between a new bathtub and a Long lasting quick fixtures refinished tub.
What is included in the price?
All the labor and materials, old caulking will be removed and replaced with new latex, chip repairs free of charge, and a 5 year written guarantee against peeling of our product.
Is the paint toxic?
Long Lasting Quick fixtures uses a non-toxic material.
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