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  Also for your functional plumbing needs in Toronto and surrounding areas, we provide the service of toilet.sized sinks.
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Bathtub & Tile Reglazing Toronto

Tub Refinishing in GTA

Refinishing your bathroom tub or tile is the better alternative to replacing it. Refinshing provides you with like new results. Cracks, chips and divets are seemlessly filled. The old silicone and caulking is removed and replaced. Then your tub or tiles are reglazed with five layers of durable high gloss material. This is all done in a matter of hours!

Replacing your tub requires demolition work. Your existing tiles must be smashed and removed then your tub must be taken out the wall. The tub trap and overflow must be reset, the cement board of your bathroom wall must be reconstructed etc, etc, etc. Leaving your bath out of commission for the majority of the week. This may cost you in excess of $3000! Refinishing your tub or tiles will only cost you 10% of that cost and a fraction of the time with like new results. Only you will know that it was refinished!
If your tub or tiles are old, damged, has a dated color or is simply hard to clean


Our reglazing/refinishing process allows for the restoration of ceramics, acrylic, porcelain, metal and cultured marble tubs.Our proffesional technition will chemically remove any oil, soap scum or stains and apply five layers of our durable yet high gloss paint that is guaranteed for five years but will easily last 10 plus years! So that you can enjoy your bathtub and bathroom again!
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